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12-15-2006, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by IcePalace View Post
I'm not sure if I should even bother saying it, but I have the sneaking suspicion that all goal-review judges in Toronto are Canada-centric. I really don't think Perrin had the time to knock a puck in intentionally while being pushed into the net. Sorry, doesn't *** up to me.
umm he went into huet with his arm first by not stopping instead just letting himself fall on Huet and the puck never crossed the line and it's TORONTO...if they were to be biased against a team it would be the habs....
you're argument is so off...
sad really...

i'm not trolling but man be realistic...the rest of your board mates admit it didnt go in what makes you different...

anyhoo to the rest of tampas fans...

you guys played well tonight and i do think torts needs to go, but i have a feeling you guys will turn things around...vinny marty are playing exceptionally and brad playing better and better it's only a matter of time that the rest of the team responds

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