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11-01-2013, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathbyCheerios View Post
We have a top six that consists of 5 players who haven't been developed properly.

For example look at Arcobello, dude is not a goal scorer or an offensive threat but is a very well rounded player. He works hard, checks hard, finishes checks and has a high compete level. Perron is similar in that regard.

Then you have Taylor Hall. Made this team from day one and was expected to perform and win us games at 18.

Instead of putting together development plans, letting them spend a year or two in the minors or the ahl we threw them on the team and now that they are expected to carry their team the lack of proper development is showing. Offensive players shine in the minors because it is a lot easier to put up big points and keep possession. In the NHL you need to also be good without the puck and in your own zone, which our young guns are still trying to learn.

Imo I would of preferred if Hall, Yak and RNH spent a year or two developing in the minors to learn that defensive side. Our team didn't have any high quality vets to teach them that so here all they had was a losing attitude and having to learn on the fly

Tldr: Botched development is rearing it's ugly head
None of Hall/Yak/RNH would have been eligible to play in the minors after they were drafted due to Junior/NHL agreements. They would have learned little playing in the Juniors as well, there is a reason why they are accused of playing a Junior-style games at the NHL level.

Nor do 1st overall picks get held up when it comes to joining the NHL either.

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