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Originally Posted by Everest View Post

But is mind boggling these players take SO LONG to figure out something SO OBVIOUS.

The idea that most of them are still where they were 2-3 years ago in terms of what they're willing to COMMIT to is shameful.
People perhaps remember how livid I was with the play of Hall, RNH, and Eberle last year in OKC. Even at this lesser rung they were perfectly content picking their moments and padding pts against opposition they could overwhelm while struggling against solid system play and the few opponents AHL level that could throw a blanket over them, which some did, and with the result being that these guys were either ineffectual or disappeared in these games.
To me those were the games that mattered MOST. They were the games that afforded potential learning in how to combat system play. But which out top talents just tend to dismiss as bad luck and a tough day at the office.

Commitment is about rising to the occasion and having our topsix be able to compete with other clubs topsix. Given all out picks and talent kind of disappointing were not even close to holding our own in those matchups. We have instead forwards continually content to press forward, make poor reads, turnovers, and create outmanned situations on backend.

The degree to which this occurred against Toronto can't even be described as an attempt at playing NHL hockey.

That these blowhards felt arrogant enough to get continually overcommited and out of position against a club as scoring lethal as the leafs is frankly shocking.

No coach in the world is telling forwards to get caught 3 deep continually while the leafs rush the puck back our way for fun.

A stupid attempt at hockey by really stubborn *star* players.

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