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11-01-2013, 05:10 PM
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His news conferences are great but I'm not impressed at his ability to adapt to the players we have.

PK - Players like the Nuge and Eberle can survive on the PK because they are somewhat defensively responsible. Hall, Gagner, Hemsky look lost out there. So, were bleeding goals on the PK and not generating offense yet Aikens states he's not changing anything.
PP - Our half wall one-timer (especially by Yakupov) is non-existant.
Matchups - Players like Gagner and Yakupov who need soft minutes are given hard minutes. No change is made during the game eventhough they are clearly overwhelmed.
Forecheck - We have a small team yet are trying to forecheck like a large one. You keep having a small guy hit a big guy and eventually the small one will get hurt.

I thing Aikens system would be good with a team like the Kings or St. Louis, but unlike Renney or Krueger, Aikens doesn't seem to be able to adapt to conceal this teams weaknesses.

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