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11-01-2013, 06:54 PM
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first off, i'm like subban, i don't play the white way. when it comes to talk of discrimination, i find it a very sensitive subject that hits home.

as for bergevin and therrien, imho, i don't see racism towards subban. subban is gonna make big bank on his next contract. the bridge contract is standard procedure. it wasn't invented for PK.

therrien is quite good with young players. let's not forget the beginning of last season. eller was in the doghouse. he was scratched. look at him now. eller is more than white, he's like an albino. was PK ever scratched by therrien?

PK is a norris trophy winner. that is a fact. does he get the credit that he deserves? no. will he? yes. but not now. as good as he is now, he will only get better. much better. that is a fact. he has some holes in his game, he knows it, therrien knows it, bergevin knows it etc. to me, its growing pains. PK has such a high ceiling, everyone knows that. its how do you get through to him, how do you realize all that potential?

Subban is such a unique, gifted and wonderful talent and person. he'll prove all his naysayers wrong.

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