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11-01-2013, 07:02 PM
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So pissed off to keep hearing how PK has to play the TEAM CONCEPT!!!!! When EVERYBODY makes mistakes, do they stopped playing the team concept? PK PLAYS the team concept has the concept is to win games. With PK, you will win more than you will lose. OF COURSE, show him to be more reserved in the last minutes of games and periods. But yo do not have to CHANGE him to do so. You have to tell him.....and he understands. But he might do it again...that's the price to pay when you've got such an exceptional talent.

Point is.....PK will still be in the league...and Habs will be at their 5th coach. So in the end, PK first, coach second. If coach isn't intelligent enough to understand that his game plan will work with a PK who will feel he has the confidence of the coach, well he's an idiot. If the coach thinks that Diaz or Bouillon are the ultimate defensive d-men that will always come through in the last minutes of game, he is also an idiot.

Clearly, the guy is freakin mixed up. He wants to go and shift 4 opponents, but will look to pass all the time. Wants to do a big check, but won't 'cause he might cost his team. So in the end, we love you PK for being everything you are.....but stop being everything you are.

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