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Originally Posted by WartracePred View Post
I'm not happy with mediocrity. The Preds this year are mediocre. But I'm not ready to pull the trigger on Trotz just yet. Here's why...

I'm a UT grad and diehard Vols football fan. After winning the National Championship in 98, 8-4 seasons were unacceptable. I wanted Fulmer gone. And then he was. Five years later, Vol fans have endured 4 coaches and the worst 3 years in over 100 years of football.

There are no guarantees that the next coach will exceed what Trotz has accomplished. And if the next guy doesn't at least meet the success of Trotz, you probably loose your team to another city. Barely making the playoffs with Trotz is far better than watching the Hamilton/Kansas City/Seattle Preds.

Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.
Fulmer won a championship. Barry Trotz has won jack. He is never going to lead this team to a Cup. It is time for a change, in my opinion. And you know what, the next coach could be terrible. Or he could be great and get these forwards playing to their real potential. But if you as a Preds fan or basing your loyalty to the team on whether Barry Trotz is fired or not, wow.

It's one thing if you support Trotz and point to his track record of getting the team into the playoffs. That is legit. But if you are against making a change because you think the fan base is so poor here that it will cause the team to up and MOVE, then I honestly don't know what to say to you.

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