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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Don't ask me to find logic out of an illogical situation.

And no, it's not just not playing for the last 2 minutes. It's putting him on the bench while placing one of the slowest player in the game, a #7 D instead of him. It's about having guys like Diaz or Bouillon in front of him on the PK. It's about singling him out and criticizing him in the media while others are far worse. It about how he reacts to a simple answer from PK. It's a multitude of things. But if you're going to look at all of this, shrugg your shoulders and say ''he's mistreated because he ain't playing the last 2 minutes?'' then I'll know that I'm wasting my time here..
Subban plays more minutes than Chara.

Claude Julien is racist towards Slovakians.

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