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11-01-2013, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by andy28 View Post
So, anytime someone raises speculative questions, they should be addressed. If the Habs had to deal this way with the media, they would have no time to do anything else?
I don't think there should be rule regarding when speculative questions are addressed. The Habs have plenty of time for the media and are required to provide access. They're reason for being is for fans.

I'm not following the Subban narrative closely, but everything Wilde said resonated. Same with Bird.

And how does the fact that they raise the question make it indicative of something?
It's indicative of a reporter who has close access to the team and who has a relationship with Subban feeling the need to present this story at this time. Same with Bird.

If there was inkling of a chance that race was a factor, and I was Bergevin, I would take it seriously. What is true is that there is nothing concrete to address, other than recent remarks that PK isn't good enough to make Team Canada, so I would address that, make a statement of praise, go to bat for your guy.

It's a touchy issue, so I understand the reluctance to give it credibility unless there's a smoking gun.

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