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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
At the end of the gif you finally see a Cap player skate gingerly towards Emery as if he's a lethal axe murder. Skating I should add with no urgency whatsoever while his goalie is getting his skull caved in.

Man, does that bus stop meme ever apply to the Caps as well. you don't let your goalie get beat up, ever, even if its at the hands of another goalie. Bunch caps players just standing around. What a friggen joke of a team that is. Much moreso because its a vet squad with pathetic team values.

Throw any nature of physical game at the caps and they wilt.

Also, what a clown Emery is but then everybody knows that. What kind of jackass keeps piling punches, and to the back of the head, when the guy is clearly down and out. What a pos. Fans cheering that crap on as well with wife beater shirts on. I'm sure the heavy set guy was half way to climaxing.. City of brotherly love?!
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