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Originally Posted by Dempsey View Post
Another potential issue is that I believe the sim will not allow simming to be done while a team is over the cap. It simply gives the simgod an error message and won't allow simming until the team is under the cap. It only gives this error if the team that's over the cap is scheduled to play that day.

I understand we'll use the sim setting where an injured player doesn't count against the cap, allowing teams to re-call players from the farm without going over the cap. But then when the injured player gets healthy again and the GM doesn't do his lines, his team is then over the cap.

What will the procedure be when this happens, potentially on a fairly regular basis?

Edit: I guess the easiest thing to do is to send that farm player back to the farm. There will be times when this requires waivers though.
The setting that stops simming when teams are over the cap can be toggled on/off. My plan is to leave it on to identify the offenders, issue fines, disable setting, sim, enable setting. Rinse and repeat daily.

As for the injury Dryden points out...hopefully people pay attention to their teams. I'm also hopeful that on a less condensed schedule it will be easier for people to make adjustments as needed without getting caught and fined on a game day.

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