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11-01-2013, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
But look at some of the teams with the worst GAA.

There's us in 30th, Calgary in 29th (who are bigger than us although not extremely big), 28th Florida (who is a hot mess, I'm not sure how big their forwards are), 27th Phoenix (who have a lot of big forwards and great D), and Buffalo who is... well, Buffalo.

I think there's some, but very little correlation between having a big team up front and GAA.

By the way, Colorado is first in GAA and they're no Chicago, Boston, Philly, LA, etc. Montreal is 5th and they're even smaller than we are.

But goaltending can build confidence too. One of the reasons the Oilers play so sloppily is because they don't have confidence in the guy between the pipes.

It doesn't even have to be Johnathan Quick playing net for us. A decent #1 would work wonders for this team.

Sometimes your goalie has to bail you out because every team makes mistakes. Bachman in one game is the only goalie who's done that so far. That's a very large reason we're sitting last in the west.
It's only one of many reasons why the Oilers are last in the west. As I said before, they had good goaltending and still lost the last 2 games.
I don't disagree with a lot of what you're saying but my point is that the Oilers need more than just a goaltender to fix this mess.

You dismissed any possible dealings with Philly just because they don't have a goaltender but the fact remains that they have some players that the Oilers can really use and with Holmgren looking for a shakeup of some sort to save his job, it's a prime opportunity for MacT to pounce.
The goaltending will have to be addressed as well of course but it's just one of many issues that ails this team.

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