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11-02-2013, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Crescent Street View Post
I know we've analyzed just about everything else to death on how this team became so unraveled. I know it's hard to speculate when you're not in there but I think we can all agree it's a possibility something went down last year or even this training camp that contributed to some kind of divide or unrest.

If you look around on the ice no one is really talking. Berube shows little to no fire at all. Players on all lines have been shuffled and really nothing has clicked aside from a few moments between G and Vinny that quickly evaporated. There's no cohesion or understanding of where to be in any facet of the PP. At a certain point a coach can only do so much to guide the PP where the players need to use their skill/creativity to stay unpredictable.

Both last night and tonight the PP has really dragged this team's momentum and confidence down the drain. Where if we potted at least 1 goal, we'd be in a completely different state mentally.

All of their bad habits and mistakes have been issues all year so far with 2 different coaches. Not to mention the collective mental state reaching negative zero whenever 1 goal is scored on them. No one believes in each other out there. But why? Who's stepping up in the locker room when it gets ugly? Briere was known for this but now he's gone. Talbot I'm sure had a presence, Timonen is basically a dying horse and everyone knows it. Giroux is simply ill-equipped to drag this team out of this mess, I'm convinced of it. He doesn't know what to do - his play really hasn't changed or improved. Is it the finger?

Losing has definitely had a snowball effect on the collective confidence of this team. The fact that a bunch of professional athletes can't find a way to play a respectable 60 minutes for one game this season shows a lot of disrespect for the fans and the city. Especially when we all know that individually they've all played at a much higher compete level night in night out.

I've joined the committee that this franchise needs to be torn down from top to bottom.
Snider said there was but he seemed to insinuate it was mainly Bryz related. He's gone so what is the excuse now? I'm not so certain trading Talbot was such a good idea from a locker room perspective. Has anybody heard anything about what the players think of that shake up move? Basically, there is a leadership deficiency in that locker room..not enough strong personalities. They make jokes about not being able to win 3rd periods at Eagles games ..clearly they have some real confidence issues. Timonen I think has given up with this team. Lecavalier and Streit are supposed to be leaders but not sure how much clout they have right now still being new. Somebody has to take over that room and I agree not sure why Berube is so vanilla and already he's got the GM coming into the locker room doing his job just like with Stevens and Lavi before him. This team is seriously a basket case. Players leave here and flourish...the ones that come here pick up losing habits. Something is cursing this team...

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