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11-02-2013, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
Well it is Nov 1st. I have been true to my word in preseason I caught hell for saying this is not a very good team. I projected 5 wins in OCT. They would get 5 wins in Oct they managed 6. I not foresee the win in game 3 against the Wild. Our worst nightmare came true Rinne out a month or more (something I was afraid of with Hutton). I projected 4 wins in Nov before the season. I still think this will be close.

Now to those who think I am all about doom and gloom, its as hard for me to see the team lose as anyone. But this is not a very good hockey team. It is filled with wannabe's. Now some may work out in time but those that were projected to carry the team are doing worse than even I imagined.

Stalberg... Well sitting two games did not help.... NOT ONE SHOT against the YOTES
Wilson been trying out for a Chuck Norris movie Missing in Action.
Borque it has been just painful to watch him.
Two of the top six n points are again defenseman and one an 19 year old.
Hornqvist is the lone player that could play top 6 minutes for another NHL team.
Hutton may well be worse than Mason was last year. Special teams is sickening and is only surpassed by team passing

The good
Goose (faceoffs) and is still healthy.
Klein has been solid
Oh did I mention Jones
Josi picked up where he left off last year ( But please keep your head up)
I feel confident in saying that Jones and Josi are both better than Weber was at there age. Jones and Josi are going to be special players.(Weber may be expendable).
Oh and Jones

Coaching (blahhh)
Gm (blahhh minus)

Before this road trip is over theres probably going to be consideration of who were going pick in the top five next spring.

I kept up with the site while absent from expressing opinion and there are a number of folks out there that get it. And sadly there are some that may never get it. The team is n the middle of a down period.There will likely be a drastic move before the team gets back on track. I can't say must bad about the grinders they are doing there job we just have too many copies.

Most know my feelings about Smith but he has been better thus far. Will it last??? He is still far from top 6 material. Hes currently on pace for low 40's in points with 12 goals.

So 13 games instill little early but in a blink of the eye the season will be 1/4 over this roadie is going to be just brutal....
I agree with this 100%. Great post.

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