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11-02-2013, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
I now agree that goaltending is no longer our number one need. Which may be why Sunday might be a great day for MacT to strike a deal for a 1A goalie.

Another strong outing by Bachman and the Oilers no longer are desperate to add a goalie. Therefore the price for a 1A type drops dramatically as the Oilers no longer have to look for a saviour in net.

Maybe Fasth is ready to play relatively quickly and the Ducks are looking for D prospects?
I don't even think the Oilers are that desperate as is. Bachman playing well will just bump Barbs down. Dubnyk is the #1 no matter what, and right now he is playing just fine. If he gets back to his old issues of letting in pathetic, deflating goals then we're back to square one but right now it isn't an issue. The issue is how easy this team is to play against from what I've watched recently. They are literally being bullied on the ice.

The price point of Anaheim's goalies doesn't matter anyways. I bet the Ducks are more desperate to get something for Hiller than we are to give something for him. They're losing him no matter what and with the goalie market the way it is right now there aren't many teams (if any at all other than us kind of) looking for goaltenders so if Anaheim even gets a call on Hiller they should be considering just about anything. Plus, Anderson is playing well right now and I don't think they'd be hesitant to do something this early in the season for that reason. If Fasth gets injured again they know Anderson is capable of taking over.

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