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11-02-2013, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Come on buddy. I consider you a veteran poster. Maybe you had plenty to drink tonight and didn't pay particular attention, but how does a 4th liner play less than 5min and yet gets caught allowing 3 goals? If that's not the opposing coach schooling you on match ups, then what is?

Galchenyuk was hands down our best forward tonight, yet he's the least used top 9 forward. Explain that..

Why is DD playing as much as Plekanec until the dying seconds?

Why is Bouillon right back on the ice after making a gross mistake that lead to the 4th goal? We all know that PK would have been completely criticized if it were him doing that mistake. Where's the adjustment from Therrien? Did you notice anything different from our team from period one, to two, to three?

The 4th line is also a player selection from the coach. I mean, we all know Parros can't play hockey. Why was he inserted? Let's not pretend like the 4th line was better with him instead of Holland.

What adjustments did Therrien make in order for us to counter the opponent better?
Actually, when's the last time you saw Therrien do an in-game adjustment? Where you saw the team play a certain way, go to the locker room for intermission, come back and play completely different due to adapting to their opponent?

Therrien seems like a really chill and nice dude. I'm sure that, away from the game, if he was still a panelist, I would see him in the bars in the old port like I did with Gagnon or Bouchard, he'd be real cool and I could have a chat with him.
But right now, he's just not handling his team right.
i understand what you're saying and i know therrien is not all that good a coach in game situation but the 4th line getting smoked like this is on the players, not so much matchups. the fourth line is there to give rest to other players and they are not supposed to get smoked like they did last night, they are supposed to hold their own defensively at the very least.

he gets last change, the other coach will put his best line against our worst so what the 4th line is supposed to do is change as soon as possible. they were just flatout terrible tonight

i don't know why parros was dressed. can't remember but does minny have a tough guy? you know i don't like goons in the first place so w/e

as for dd's icetime, the only reason i can see is that he is trying to get him going. i see dd right now as being in a sort of terrible slump and if he gets going it's good for the team and ups his value if it comes time to trade him. the hustle is there, the effort is there, not much else though... sorry, it's the only explanation i can come up with

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