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11-02-2013, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I am sorry, I don't follow at all.

Dominant force every shift? Who is that? Lebron James? Let's look past the two guys in Pittsburg and AO in the East; Stamkos, Tavares, Giroux and co are extremely far from dominat players on a shift by shift basis.

Nash has his faults, yes. But I don't know, I'd like to see him on a good high scoring team. Last year under Torts was just more of the same he faced in CBJ, he was forced to do it by himself. And he played extremely well during the regular season. No other line really created any momentum and he got very little help.

He is our best forward by a wide margin. If you hit the UFA market 6m get you David Clarkson.

So I just don't get the relevance of what you are saying at all. What is your point? He is not the by far best player in the league? He is not Lebron James? You sound like the Knicks fans comparing Melo with Lebum. He is not top 5/10/15/25 among forwards? I still don't get your point. So what should we have done? Kept AA and Dubi and signed Clarkson? Signed LeCavalier?

And the talk about him being one of the worst defensive player in the league is also just a bunch of meaningless crying. What are you talking about? There was not often we got in trouble defensively due to Nash all of last season. What else matters?
I dont know whats so difficult to follow. I never said he wasn't a top-tier player in the NHL, or that he wasnt our best forward by a wide margin. What I am saying is the go-to guys in this league, are better all-around players than Nash. Specifically, they find a way to be effective no matter the type of game. Nash shrinks in physical games. He just does. If hes not allowed to fly through the neutral zone, he doesnt do anything else particularly well. Part of it is bad habits from playing with a perpetual loser for so long.

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