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12-15-2006, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaydee96 View Post
hey guys, im not trolling, just here to give my input on what the problem is in Tampa.

1) you guys nailed it already, goaltending, you dont get the big saves when they are needed. (thats one reason the habs were still in it last night after 2, Huet made the saves to keep hope).

2) no depth and bad coaching, You cant win in this league with only 4 players. i know after Lecavalier, Richards, St Louis and Perrin you guys dont have much but Torterella has to find a new way of playing these guys. Look at the ice times, Its incredible, Lecavalier and St Louis played 28 minutes last night, Richards and Perrin, 24.

now look at montreal, not 1 forward played more then 20 minutes.
The 4 players you have are all good, 3 of the 4 are superstars, but what Torts doesnt seem to realize is that they are humans, they get tired. Come the 3rd period if Tbay doesnt have a big lead, they are done, the guys have no more energy left.

and what do you think it tells the other guys on the team? its like saying they are not good enough to get the job done so he keeps puting the big 4. He's gotta roll the bench.

sorry, like i said, not trolling, thats just the way i see it, cuz i want you guys to do good, you have some of our hometown tallent and its good to see the montreal born players succeed.

I agree with you.

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