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11-02-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Kurtosis View Post
Not a chance with Malkin or Stamkos, but probably Crosby if his health was guaranteed. This is not to say I necessarily think Toews is better than those two, I just think the damage to the chemistry of the team would outweigh what they would bring.
Well, yeah anything would damage team chemistry badly - that's why I wouldn't want to trade him at all. But value-wise those are the only three if we had to trade him. They're also the only three players in the league I think are better than him (d-men and goalies included).

Originally Posted by Salvaged Ship View Post
Unfortunately the health of Crosby is a part of it. He seems like a ticking time bomb to me with his concusion history. Malkin and Stamkos will get more points than Toews, but they don't have that "it" factor than Jonny has in my opinion. Maybe its just the case that Toews is perfect for us while on other teams there may be better fits.
Well Toews has a concussion history himself - he's had at least two in the NHL and three before he got to the NHL.

Originally Posted by Sarava View Post
No. There's a lot of players that are better players. But the Hawks have their formula for being the best team in hockey and it starts with Toews.
Who are these players? I'd say Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos (and I know not everyone would agree with me on the second two) but after that I can't think of any better players.

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