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11-02-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
Seriously guys. Is emery kind of a dick? Totally, but let's stop acting like he took his skate off and tried to cut is throat with it. I SERIOUSLY doubt that emery had any intentions to seriously injure Holtby. Jackass move, yes, but it's not like he chased him down and broke both of his legs.

This is getting blown way out of proportion by EVERYONE.
Is that the new minimum for receipt of criticism? You have to attempt to injure someone with your skate before people are justified in complaining about you? Emery isn't "kind of a dick", he's a massive dick, and a stupid one that can barely play net at the NHL level.

Holtby didn't want to fight and didn't do anything that he needed to answer for. But the NHL is a big boy league and sometimes you gott scrap whether you like it or not, so I can se Emery's dickishness aside there. My big complaint isn't that he's a dick, it's that he's STUPID and reckless, and it ended up costing the team a lot.

Originally Posted by LetsGoFlyers1825 View Post
Well that is what I am asking, what personnel decisions? I'm genuinely curious. Posters always point to snider as being so pushy, yet never mention what outside of the Richards/Carter/Bryz/Bob saga

And for what it's worth, Bob hadn't won a Vezina when we traded him.
Irrelevant, the point is that he was a sensational talent. I'd much rather he won the Vezina with us and Columbus had signed Bryzgalov. As for other personnel decisions, you can go look for yourself at documented instances of Snider being a very hands on owner and pushing for acquisitions. I don't even think you would have to leave the board. There are posters here who supposedly have seen Snider having conversations with Holmgren from his box discussing personnel moves.

But even if I were to concede that the Bryzgalov situation was the only one firmly tied to Snider's meddling, again that's enough. If we give Holmgren ownership of all the other personnel decisions, that's fine. My comment was that the org was mis-managed and that it was from the tp down, not exclusively that the problem was at the very top. There is not enough of a meritocracy in place. It's too much of a good old boys club.

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