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11-02-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Bring Back GLR View Post
The logical choice would be Crosby after that there's no one especially since Crosby is the only player that is as young and accomplished as Toews.

Even then in last years playoffs Crosbys team gets swept and scores 2 goals in 4 games where as Toews leads the Hawks to 3 straight wins and another Cup after being down 2-1 in the series against Boston. Toews just has that innate quality to will a team over any obstacle.
I understand we're all Hawks fans, so I can see the natural bias towards our own guy, but really? Relying on vague, unquantifiable things like "innate quality to will a team over any obstacle?" I've never been able to buy reasoning like that. If Toews had some incredible quality like that, the Hawks would never lose playoff series. Toews would always just "will" them to victory. But they have lost plenty with him on the team - so why give him credit for an (admittedly very good) comeback and diminish Crosby for a bad series? Toews has had plenty of bad series... he had more bad ones than good ones even just this past spring.

For comparison's sake, Crosby has "led" his team back from a 2-game deficit in a playoff series as well, and that was against a much better version of the Wings than the Hawks faced last year.

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