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Originally Posted by WartracePred View Post
Don't confuse my loyalty with the loyalty of the average Predators fan. Win or lose, I'm a life long fan. I want a Cup with or without Trotz or Poile. But I understand the risk of replacing Trotz.

If a change is made, and things go south for 3-4 years like they did in Knoxville, the Preds wIill lose a dangerous amount of the fan base. Don't kid yourself. The average attendance in Neyland Stadium dropped around 30% during the Dooley era. What do you think the Preds owners would do if their average attendance dropped to 12k-13k for 2-3 years?

I suppose some around here have much greater faith in the fan base than I do. But I never thought I'd see so many empty seats for so long in Knoxville. And before Fulmer was fired, I said over and over there is no way things could possibly get worse.

The difference between the two situations is the Vols will play in Neyland Stadium no matter how many fans show up. The Predators will play in another arena in another city if something similar happens with attendance resulting from a coaching change.

One last thought... I've mentioned several times that I don't think Ciggaran will tolerate the status quo. Way too many changes have been implemented since he assumed leadership of the owners group to accept an average team. He has brought in new front office management and given Poile the green light to spend to the cap. An assistant coach and the head trainer were fired after last yearsabysmal results. Unlike my hesitancy stemming from the dumpster fire in Knoxville, he'll drop the ax on Trotz (and Poile if necessary) if and when he believes the team is stagnant.
I agree almost 100%. However this team will never be as bad as the Vols and lose supporters like they did.

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