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Originally Posted by trick9 View Post
Caps fan here. Not a big fan of neither Downie or Lecavalier from their Lightning days but never a good thing to see players get injured in a fights.

What i really don't get is why Vinnie wanted to fight someone there in that situation. I mean he has been one of the best players on your team and suddenly he's all-in looking for a fight in a situation where they are playing against Caps 4th line? Oleksy is a solid fighter and i just can't see why Vinnie would want to fight him when the game is over.
I haven't watched the game, but if the Caps doing stupid **** during a blow out, there is why he would fight. Vinnie is, what you'd call a...hmm... "morals fighter". When he sees ****ed up ****, he fights. He's always done that. He might not seem it, but he will cheap shot, he will fight, but only when perceives disrespect. Its one of the reasons when he was asked about fighting, he said he wants it in. Not saying the Caps were, but he fights a lot when that stuff happens.

Example - Rinaldo fought Crombeen and many players (until the next day) thought Rinaldo punched Crombeen when he was knocked out already. Vinnie went out specifically to exact revenge - fought Talbot, took him down, and punched him a good 3 times when he was already down. Looked at the Flyers bench with a "Yeah do something again and I'll do something even worse" look. I think thats when Rinaldo even asked the ref if his punch on Crombeen was out of line. Just the fact that Vin went after a player who was known to fight made the Flyers bench a little...surprised and calmed the game a bit if I recall.

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