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11-02-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by McGuiresMonsters View Post
Your post is just spewing bias because I guess you still feel the need to go on another team's board and trash Schenn.
Why wouldn't I be biased? I watched my favorite team invest their first rebuild pick on a dud who can't play the modern game, who wasn't the "generational shut down" defenseman McGuire creamed his pants about, a guy our fanbase had to downgrade in expectation from whispers of Scott Stevens to Shea Weber to Adam Foote, to just a guy who could go a game or two without brutal miscues and giveaways. I spent five years pulling out my hair watching him play, he's probably my most disliked ex-Leafs ever.

Originally Posted by Hiesenberg View Post
Schenn is a shut down guy, if the team needs goals or has a small lead, he won't be out there. Look at Sat. They had a big lead, Schenn got 18+ mins, I think the most all year, but it was also the first game they had a multi-goal lead going into the 3rd period or at least late into the 3rd.
This makes no sense. A defensive defenseman is a guy you want out there to defend a small lead by definition, not a guy you throw out when the game is in the bag. Schenn is a defensive defenseman who can't defend.

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