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11-02-2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Kind of arbitrary to pick one game as the end-all, be-all this far into it.

They lost two skilled scorers, one of which was our best offensive player this season to injury. Both goalies played last night and we're in the tail-end of a back to back against a team we've sucked against for a long while now.

They've had twelve games now to turn it around and haven't shown up for any game besides one. They also had the entire Caps game, including before and after embarrassing themselves with that brawl, to score or even muster up a decent effort and did neither.

Just seems naive to me that they'll all be revved up to suddenly perform well just because they got destroyed more then usual and had a line brawl last night. It's also very worrisome that it takes twelve games, an embarrassing line brawl, and a bad blowout to get this team going if that truly is the case.
Normally I'd agree but I think this is a bit different. Right now they have one game in hand and are only 6 points out of a playoff spot. In my eyes, one of the biggest problems with this team is their mental state. When things are going well they look like a playoff team and real contenders, but as soon as something bad happens (the first goal against in the last two game) they just lose it and can't recover. Every game so far has been relatively close and there hadn't been a blowout loss even though they weren't playing great. Despite their poor record they probably weren't that worried. After a loss as horrible and embarrassing as this one maybe they finally have a bit of fire and emotion, maybe the motivation to not let that happen again is enough to snap them out of their ********.

Yes they lost their two good offensive players but they have other skilled players who are simply playing bad. If they can use that last game as a turning point and actually change the way they've been playing it won't really matter if Downie and Vinny are in the lineup or not. If they don't snap out of it then it then those two probably aren't enough to make a difference anyway.

I know this is extremely unlikely, I'm not an idiot, but this is really the last chance no matter how slim.

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