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12-15-2006, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by BigTimer View Post
You shouldn't of bothered because the puck didn't even go in the net.
Again, it looked to me like it hit top shelf and then fell on the opposite side of the goal line.

Originally Posted by Kingbobert View Post
umm he went into huet with his arm first by not stopping instead just letting himself fall on Huet and the puck never crossed the line and it's TORONTO...if they were to be biased against a team it would be the habs....
you're argument is so off...
sad really...

i'm not trolling but man be realistic...the rest of your board mates admit it didnt go in what makes you different...
For the last time, it looked like it hit top shelf because in the top view they showed, the puck hit something and then fell on the other side of the line. There was nothing for it to hit, except top shelf as it was behind Huet. What does it matter what everyone else thinks? Their thinking can't change reality. If everyone thinks the earth is flat, is it? Your argument is way off. What reason would Toronto have to favor Tampa over Montreal? Despite their hatred of the habs, they could be a little miffed that we've won the cup recently. In any case they probably weren't reviewing that it went in but how it went in. Anyway to me, he didn't intentionally hit the puck in, and I think it definitely went in. The lamp was lit, so obviously someone else agrees with me.

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