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11-02-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
Ooof. A possible lotto pick for a 31 year old on the downswing of his career? No. thanks.
I understand it from that side, but I also think we need to account for the fact that Hartnell can help us NOW, while any player we draft won't be useful to us in the NHL very soon. Provided that it's not a top 5 pick I guess I should say. If we end up picking 10th overall or so, then do we really need that player, and what are the odds that they end up being better than Hartnell?

I'd rather have Simmonds than Hartnell but at the end of the day, it can't just be sitting and waiting for the perfect deal to come around. It shouldn't need to be a perfect return for the deal to be justifiable. And no i don't think my perspective is short-sighted: there has to be some urgency to improve this team.

I guess I just feel that people are too hung up on getting the "perfect" player that will solve all of our problems in one trade. The reality is though, we don't have to be phenomenal to be a playoff team, we just need a few solid pieces and the youth to keep improving. We need to become a playoff team before we can really look at adding the players thay can make us a contender, because once we become a regular playoff team again, we'll be able to get those players that put us over the top.

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