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Originally Posted by Cuiffitelli View Post
They can' one wants them!...guys were arguing in circles and manipulated numbers. We will have to let this play out to see whose right (me) . Enjoy the season and marvel as superstar G saves the team because nothing I say or show you will change you mind. Just know this....real 25 year old superstars don't go from 93 points in a season to looking lost and lazy in 2 years and be a real franchise player.
Hey, have ever heard of that Ovechkin guy? Heard he is pretty good.
09-10 109 points...72 games
10-11 85 points...79 games
11-12 65 points...78 games
last year 96 point pace and MVP

Bet they are happy they didn't trade that guys who was starting to decline! Hmmm, you seem like a Jagr fan.

00-01 121 points
01-02 79 points...69 games...93 point pace
02-03 77 points in 75 games
03-04 74 points in 77 games
04-05 lockout
05-06 123 points

This is just to show you that even GREAT PLAYERS can have bad years. Sometimes, even in a row. But sure, let's trade the only player we have that is capable of getting a PPG.

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