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01-20-2004, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Modano = God
That connection means absolutely nothing, if anything, most players/coaches/managers who are related, prefer to be seperated.

That said, there's absolutely no chance in hell Brenden is even open for discussion. He has been our best player by a 1000 miles, and unless you own a Kovalchuk or a Thornton, there's nothing and no one in the NHL the Stars would trade him for right now, much less on the Habs. (Note, I did not say he is in Kovy's or Heatley's ballpark, just that it would take a severve overpayment and a player around the same age, potential and salary to get Army's attention).. so unless you guys own a smilular utterly physical and energetic 23 year old left winger, with a top notch defensive game, who's among the top leaders of his age group, who averages 9 fighting majors in every season, and who has the ability to be a 30 goal, if not more, scorer, let us know.. maybe we'll stay in touch..
I agree that Morrow is a good young player and for a team like the habs to acquire him we would have to put up a kings ransom, but man do you ever overrate the Stars players.

I mean everybody on the Star's in your opinion is worthy of a kings ransom. Modano is the best player in hockey, Morrow is the best YOUNG player in hockey, Turco is the best goalie of all time, Jere Lehtinen should have a trophy named after him, Arnott is the best power forward, etc. etc. etc.

One question then....why are the Stars sucking it up if all the players are soooo great???

Also, if your going to rant about Morrow being this 30+ goal scorer (his career high is 21, which he isn't on pace for this year), I guess hab fans should talk about Zednik as a 40 goal scorer (he's been as close to 40 as Morrow has to 30).

And finally Morrow is NOT 23 years old....he is 25!

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