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11-02-2013, 08:07 PM
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First off i dont think Crisp is an overager.
Secondly i think Crisp will exceed his draft potential by far.
After most predictions had him at best a 4th line grinder.
I think he will reach that potential and more.

Mccarron as a first rounder should have top 6 potential, but hoping at least he can reach the 4th line grinder status.

I ll be the first to admit that i didnt track mccarron or crisp until we drafted them.
But i truely love crisp now, point production aside , hes a great kid.

I believe the best pick of this draft will be Jacob, might not throw up a crapload of points but brings it every game. Love this pick.

Collburg is collburg, was hoping fir more from him but i still have faith he will turn it around. But if he do turn it around i dont think he will be as valuable to us as Jacob!

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Crisp = Overager who has been in the OHL since 2010 (though he missed a season to injury, he still has over 100 games in the league).

McCarron = Spent the last year playing against weak competition in the USHL that physically couldn't keep up with him. Was until this point on the slower, NCAA development track.

I'm feeling hell of a lot better about the Crisp pick than I was, and he's certainly keeping his possibility of being an NHL-quality grinder alive. But what he's doing really is unexceptional, and this is exactly why context is important. He still won't make the NHL if he skates like this.

I really don't know what people expected from McCarron. I heard the same things here about Tinordi in his first OHL season, and though the situation isn't entirely the same, we knew McCarron was a project, when you draft a 6'5" scorer that late in the draft, you need to know what you are getting.

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