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11-02-2013, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by alphahelix View Post
Photographic evidence of what some of us have been talking about...

I can't see how you could opt not to blame coaching. We have been total chaos and ridiculousness.

As bad as we have been in the past, these ridiculous things have never happened with such frequency before. And people say Krueger's system was complicated or silly. God. Damn.

Virtually all of these players have shown the ability at one point or another to understand the game well enough not to make these types of mistakes. Something in the system is getting them to behave like this, OR there has been little/poor recognition of errors within the system and repairs have been ineffective.

Where the hell is Charlie Huddy? Tom Renney? MacT? Ralph Krueger? As much as Pat Quinn sucks, even he wouldn't have had us in this state of affairs. It only takes two eyeballs to recognize the problems here. I would have beaten players senseless for repeated mistakes (multiple times in a game, multiple games in a week) by this point.
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