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Originally Posted by oilphan View Post
Mods, move this if appropriate. So, we have changed our GM, our coach, and 40% of our roster. But absolutely nothing has changed and we are one of the worst teams in the league...again. Seems to me that the chamber is almost empty.

Are we coming to the realization that our amazing top end talent, is not that top end? That is certainly what I am starting to think. Or is it simply a matter of the team having to continue to be patient. I am certainly having a hard time taking it anymore.

Maybe we need an exorcism.
This year's addition of the Oilers needs many things to stop being the mockery of the NHL. First lets talk about what they are getting right.

1) They seem to be drafting good players. The top end talent on the team is playing well despite the losing record.

Now lets talk about what they're getting wrong.

1) Even with coaching changes, they continue to employ the same tactics, year after year (i.e. skating puck into opposition's zone instead of dump and chase, instead of shooting on the PP they pass the puck around looking for perfect plays, putting very few shots on net). At some point you would think a new coach would say, lets shake things up and try something new.

2) The team simply isn't tough enough. They don't have enough guys who can screw up the game of the opposition by forechecking them to frustration or keep them from having puck possession.

3) This team isn't physical enough. You can tell because they aren't finishing checks like tough teams do. They concentrate too much on the puck and not enough on physical aspects of the game. This team needs bigger size.

4) Defence is still a big problem. I like Ference because of his intensity and consistency but Petry and Smid need to go. Both cannot get their respective jobs done. One is supposed to be offensively gifted but can't consistently show it and the second is supposed to be more physical but seems timid, maybe due to past injuries. N. Schultz is a superhero of the invisible kind and J.Schultz gives the puck away like he's donating for some cause.

5) Time to get rid of KLowe and MacT, they're doing nothing to improve this team. Ever notice how few times the Oilers have made the playoffs since KLowe became part of the management? Katz is a business man. If your business is failing, when does it become pertinent to change the business decision makers?

There are many more but Andrew Ference is on After Hours now and I don't want to bother with this list cause I'm sick of talking about losing.

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