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11-03-2013, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by oilexport View Post
The culture of losing is worse with Eakins as Coach. I do not buy it, we have better players this year as well. The team should be better, Eakins should not blame any culture but the one he's creating.

The problems of this team start at the top as well. Time to resign Lowe, they don't want to fire you. Please show an ounce of honour.
Lowe should be gone totally agree but its almost antithetical at this point to do so if he wants to save his "legacy" (heavy sarcasm)

I dont believe in firing Eakins at this point if your a veteran coach looking for a job you wouldnt work for them because of management.

Realistic decision is to start dissecting and see what you have to sell ( but dont sell low)

See who cares and regardless of talent trade. It could mean players who have high pedigree, but you cant send guys with big contracts to juniors you need to create team identity. I for one think there is star players with too much control of the team.

Best thing would be to get rid of upper management, but it aint happening

In the end the analogy im using is a stock price one - on x day it was worth this now it equals this (essentially lower value of these players)

You either hope rnh, eberle, hall, yakapov increase there value (so then you can trade them if it comes down to philosophical/personal reasons)

Keep them

And then use the 2014 first rounder right now for a top goalie or d man.

But i think you have to have a major makeover. Its not a tweak job either its a team you need about 5-6 new players (2 top d man, a better goalie tandem (2 system goalie with no #1s available), and a simmonds/schenn/landeskog/bickel/ backes type forward, a two way center can play your top 6.

Players cant be given complete freedom. Dubnyk could go on waivers tomorrow and no team would pick him up. Im done with him.

If you plan to keep guys and not showcase them for a trade then reward players for compete, drive, effort = accountability

Blatantly as management see who wants to be here. Its sad that guys with less talent but work had would get more minutes but i think as fans we would rather see 4th liners who give a damn then there first line counterparts

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