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11-03-2013, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by 10 Minute Misconduct View Post
Sports are for entertainment. Fighting is entertaining. Fighting is a part of hockey. As long as UFC and boxing are still legal there should be fighting in hockey.
Gladiators were for the entertainment of the crowd, they fought to the death for the fun of the crowd. You want to bring that back too?

And Boxing? Legal? yes and that is because BOTH people train to fight, each has a choice to enter the ring.

The way YOU put it, each hockey players should take fighting lessons and then let the HOCKEY begin.
I got one better, change football, let those HUGE 300lbs guys go NUTS.
Now that would be entertaining RIGHT? You might even see a linebacker beat the **** out of a small quarterback or even the kicker they are even smaller. What a show. Lose the game but send 20 guys to the hospital WOW WHAT A GAME!

In any case, fighting will be outlawed in the NHL one day and that is because fighting is now in transition in the minors, lots of leagues are banning it outright. Once ALL your prospects cant punch there way out of a paper bag how are they going to fight in the NHL. The ban is coming, it will happen.

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