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Trade Rumors/Speculation Thread Part II (Mod warning post #861)

Mods, feel free to open up another thread if you don't want this one, I just didn't want my response to this post buried in a locked thread that's over the limit.

Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Did the fat guy in Ottawa write this last week for his column today? Has he seen his Senators?

Eliotte Freidman wrote this 2-3 weeks ago. The Rangers and Flyers(maybe the Devils too)were the teams most active in exploring trades.

The Rangers have won 3 in a row and 4 out of 5. They aren't winning the Cup but the crisis is over. Callahan will return sometime later this week of early next week. They shouldn't be desperate to make a trade and have another team take advantage of them.

By the way Garrioch wrote DZ "is even among the names being discussed",the Rangers should get a very good return. DZ is playing his weak side. Katie Strang said the Rangers would deal DZ in a chat 3-4 days ago. Not for scraps.

I saw McKenzie on the NHL Network a few days ago with the lovely Kathryn Tappan. He said teams want Oscar Klefbom from the Oilers. He suffered a concussion in a rookie game but has returned to play 10 out of 12 AHL games. Didn't play last night. McT doesn't want to move his top forwards or Klefbom for a D or a goaltender. Edmonton was embarrassed by the Wings last night.
Ottawa is underachieving so far for sure. Are they really as good as the analysts are saying? I don't think so. IMO, losing Alfredsson hurts more than it appears on the surface. Their offensive depth is suspect after Ryan, Spezza, and Michalek. Turris may be their only other legitimate top 6 forward. Anderson also has crashed back to earth, time to bow out to Lehner. They may be looking to make a change.

Edmonton not wanting to trade Klefbom makes a ton of sense. Nurse is their next best defensive prospect and he's a project. What doesn't make sense is MacT's Scott Howsen like stubborness to not want to part with one of their young forwards for a respectable top pairing defenseman or starting goalie. Oh wait, isn't Howsen part of the Oilers brass now?

Though I disagree with Del Zotto "regressing", his average play has been mostly due to playing on his off side. It's time to end that experiment. It's night and day how much more comfortable DZ looks on the left. However, with Moore playing good hockey and Skjei and Allen 1-2 years away, the time to trade DZ and get max value in return is from now until the trade deadline. That said, a trade with Edmonton involving Del Zotto as the main piece going back makes a ton of sense for both teams. Yakupov would fit cap wise, but I still think the Oilers would trade Eberle before him or Hall.

As for the Rangers, Callahan will be back, Nash's return this season is questionable. If the Rangers get a healthy Nash back, they'll make noise. Like last season, the Rangers have to be buyers and sellers at the deadline. Shop for players that only cost mid round picks or B level prospects, not 1st or 2nd rounders. Dump the dead weight and expiring contracts that we can't afford to bring back in favor of other players that fit AV's system better.

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