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11-03-2013, 08:13 AM
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Went to the Flyers vs Capital debacle last Friday and while in the Fan Store -- I forget the official name of the place -- I noticed a big sign promoting $50.00 off Flyers jerseys that night -- I believe/assume it was only for that game -- I have been looking for a reason to break down and buy a Lecavalier Home Replica and a deal that would justify buying another jersey... I'm actually down to only one current playing player (Pronger not included) with both Winter Classic versions of Giroux #28... so, with my liking to wear only players dressed for the game or past Flyers visiting here with their new teams, I'm greatly limited... bent those rules by wearing an Biron to the Rangers game right after he official retired after being waived down. But I digress... I used by Flyers provided $50.00 Season Ticket Holder Stored Cash on my game ticket and the $50.00 off discount to get a sweet Vinny #40 for a half off $100.00.

Made sure it had the correct sized numbers -- same sized as Philly Express does the Flyers players -- and was completely stitched and had the correct Reebok word-mark on the back ... made sure that it had none of the flaws that are sold there when made up by their workers -- there is s Streit #32 jersey still hanging there that was made up in haste after his signing and is an abomination with crinkled edged numbers... so much so that the workers and manager should literally be jailed for keeping on the rack... and so bad that not even the most unobservant clod would buy it -- I found one in my size that was pristine... avoiding the ones with what looked like tiny Sharpie marks on the back numbers and the one with the frayed bottom of the zero in the forty on the back... Bought it and, of course Vinny injured himself in a fight against the Caps... Call me a jinx. LOL

Anyway... anyone interested should look out for a similar un-promoted deal when at the WFC... 25% early in-season for players still on the team... for well made jerseys there (or anywhere) can't be beat. It actually brings the price down to the various Retail chains with small and heat pressed personalization prices... the Flyers STH Stored Cash is an added Godsend.

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