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11-03-2013, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Patience View Post
Toronto fan in peace. I was in the minority as someone who was underwhelmed by Eakins in Toronto. He talked a great game in media scrums as an AHL coach of a veteran laden AHL team. He provided great lip service and was very quotable. The Toronto media absolutely loved the guy hence there was so much good press surrounding him. Little of the good press came from observations of his AHL team or the development of the team's prospects. Eakins bolted at the perfect time as the Leafs' AHL team was about to become very young with very few notable prospects.

Eakins has made these needlessly controversial statements. There was the "son in law" quip which came off ironic when he has been dressing his assistant's son who isn't even a stand out AHL player. Then an indirect shot taken at the team's previous coaches (and the former coaches of players from other organizations) regarding the players not understanding basic defense.

It's appearing that he may be frittering away this golden opportunity. He isn't part of that old boys' club that constitutes the Oilers' front office. He isn't going to get as much slack as one of their old buddies would have gotten.
He has a 4 year contract at the same time the Oilers are still paying for Krueger and Tambellini to sit at home. I can't believe Katz is remotely interested in paying for another coach at this point. Eakins job is safe for a while yet.

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