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11-03-2013, 10:07 AM
Couts=0 offense
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Even if those trades didn't go down it seems most on here would find something to ***** and moan about with Richie and Carts here, pick your poison,
Get over it, if the Flyers were sitting atop the division this year, the trades are just background noise
BUT since the Flyers suck right now (and yes most of last year) the Richards and Carter trades keep coming up
I'll admit that the Flyers lost the trade, IF people stop crying about it
I loved Richards on the Flyers, I hated to see him go it sucked, yeah there was a huge hole left here when he left
I think between B.Schenn and Couts we get back a lot of what Richie brought here, and I'm optomistic enough to believe B.Schenn can be just like Richie, but maybe I'm delusional
Richards or Carter are most likely never coming back to Philly to play
It is what it is

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