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11-03-2013, 11:04 AM
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i see a lot of people saying "don't trade this years 1st rounder because we could lose out on ekblad"... this type of thinking is wrong for so many reasons

1. we are unlikely to finish in the bottom-3 this year (statistically speaking)
2. even if we do somehow finish dead last, we still only have about a 50% chance of drafting 1st overall
3. ekblad is a dman and will take 2-3 years in the best case scenario to be a difference maker

if you could trade nurse for a legit top-3 defender right now, you obviously make that trade... the same goes for our first rounder this year, which is very likely going to be in the same pick range (somewhere between 5-10)

i would trade klefbom and nurse for simmonds and coburn and wouldn't think twice about it.... philly would never make that deal, but (sadly) many people on this forum wouldn't make that deal either.... the time for magic beans and draft picks is over, its time to start acquiring *real* NHL players, not just prospects that we hope turn into NHLers at some distant future date

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