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11-03-2013, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
As disappointed as I am in this team I think blame needs to be shifted towards the GM but also towards fans.

I will say this as objectively as possible.

1. This Team is not very talented. They have a few young talented high ceiling players that are still learning the game but are far from becoming reliable entities night in and night out.

2. Not only does is the team lacking talent, but there is not enough diversity in style of play among that talent. No 2 way players.

3. In all honesty I only see 2 difference makers in the Minors and that is Klefbom and Nurse. I don't think any of our forwards in the minors are capable of being top 6 players.

4. Nothing this team has done over the past few years have given any indication that this team is close to competing for a playoff spot or turning the corner.

In conclusion the roster is the problem , it is not very talented and what little talent there is on the roster is young and inexperienced.
yup, this can't be said enough

our "stars" are young, and unbelievably over-hyped... we all thought we had kings and aces, when in reality we were holding 10s and jacks.... hall, RNH and eberle are good players, but they aren't stars yet... and they might never be

while j. shultz and yakupov are *entirely* too young still to be relied upon in any whatsoever

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