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11-03-2013, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by frag2 View Post
Eberle has constantly disappointed me this season. It's as if he's got his pay and meh, the fans still think he's godsend regardless of how much effort he puts in.

Well he's wrong and his "skill" is now redundant with Yakupov.

Its pathetic how Yak has to play off wing when Eberle, a "RW" tends to skate to the left side anyway.

I'm a fan of Eberle but god he is frustrating to watch.
I get the feeling that Yak isn't his team's good books right now. They tend not to pass to him when he is in prime position. In their defense Yak has a tendency to bungle the play or miss the net. If they can't find chemistry this lineup will continue to fail. Yak does have glaring holes in his game right now, it is almost like he has forgotten how to accept a pass. He does not open his body up to receive breakout passes, I'm sorry but that is hockey 101 taught in peewee.

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