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11-03-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
hmm, you might be right. i wonder if he'd never been traded to dallas what his career would have looked like. would he have retired the third winningest goalie of all time? if we shave, say, 50-75 wins off of his career total, he's not that far from beezer is he?

and as i recall, didn't he receive a disproportionate amount of the blame for '92? he didn't even start game 4. and guys like cheevers of giacomin, those kinds of goalies from belfour's generation weren't/aren't getting into the HHOF, assuming cujo, osgood, vernon, even barrasso remain on the outside looking in.
I think you have to take into account his Vezina finishes. He wins two of them, and has a slew of other times he's in the top 10. Even without a Cup, he would be a hard guy to leave out. Beezer had that one big year in 1986 but I don't think he is thought of higher than a Cupless Belfour.

Originally Posted by mrhockey193195 View Post
How close do you think Henrik is from achieving pre-cup Belfour status then? Another Vezina, a few more consistent years at a similar level to his first eight seasons...would that be enough for him to become a Giacomin/Belfour in Chicago HOF candidate? I think the fact that Hank hasn't been below 6th in Vezina voting in any given year might help his cause a good amount.
I think he is relatively close to Belfour pre-Cup as it is.

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