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11-03-2013, 11:58 AM
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Be Bold Fire Eakins

Over the past week I've had the sad realization that our saviour Dallas Eakins, is actually a well spoken idiot. He thinks he is too smart for everyone else. "I won't line match, because thats what the other team expects us to do" (not a real quote but what he is doing) I mean seriously... its nothing short of unbelievable.

If you have home ice you have to put players on the ice strategically, the last two games have been embarrassing and too difficult for me to watch. We are at a new all time low, and we now have to be Bold, this fall on Eakins, like it not he keeps making decisions that are not working, its November 3 and we in a huge hole. He came oversold, he proved to be a bag of hot air, let him go, that is bold and sadly that is the easiest move to make right now. Bring in Ted Nolan or someone like that... Bucky, Acton all assistant coaches also go. Its my opinion.

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