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vadim sharifijanov
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I think you have to take into account his Vezina finishes. He wins two of them, and has a slew of other times he's in the top 10. Even without a Cup, he would be a hard guy to leave out. Beezer had that one big year in 1986 but I don't think he is thought of higher than a Cupless Belfour.
just ran the top tens--


hart: 5th ('86), 3rd ('94)

vezina: 1st ('86), 6th ('87), 6th ('88), 4th ('89), 6th ('92), 2nd ('94), 6th ('95), 7th ('96), 8th ('97),


hart: 3rd ('91)

vezina: 1st ('91), 4th ('92), 1st ('93), 7th ('94), 2nd ('95), 4th ('98), 7th ('99), 4th ('00), 3rd ('03), 7th ('04)

belfour has easily the edge in top five vezina finishes, and you're right big phil, kind of eye-opening all the 2nd/3rd/4th place finishes compared to beezer. a clear cut above, even just looking at regular season performance.

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