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11-03-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by SilkyMitts View Post
Oh. lol what? way to completely miss what I said. the example you gave about about jumping OP to entertain him was asinine, and i was replying towards that.
Yep, still missing the point. What I was getting across is that the TC, along with anybody defending the Emery incident as entertaining, is that they have a complete lack of empathy. Just in case you don't know what empathy is (which it seems you don't), it's basically putting yourself in someone's shoes.

If the TC, or anyone defending Emery as entertaining, or anyone at the arena were jumped by Emery or some random tough guy on the street I'm sure none of you would find it entertaining even if some onlookers might.

It's hypocritical and shows a basic lack of human decency in the form of empathy.

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