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11-03-2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Emery jumped a player. There's no arguing that in the slightest. Since when is that fine to do for entertainment value?
No one is saying that he didn't jump the guy. But I still liked it. It was old time hockey. Was it nice of Emery to do that? Absolutely not. Was it right? No way. But it was still fun to watch. Don't be so soft. Everyone is so scared to admit they liked it because then someone will say "You are a bad person" or something like that. It was great. I loved it. I guess I am going to hell.

I'm pretty sure if I jumped the OP in a hockey game or on the street he wouldn't find it so entertaining. Maybe some onlookers might, but it's easy to take it lightly when you're not the one being punched in the back of the head after saying you wanted nothing to do with it.
To begin with, there are obvious differences between fighting in a hockey game and fighting in the real world. But without getting into that, of course it is easier to take it lightly when you are not the one getting beaten up. That doesn't make it any less entertaining. I'm sure Holtby wasn't happy about it. Why would he be? But again, that doesn't make it any less entertaining. What if Holtby wanted to fight but got destroyed? Would it have been entertaining then?

No real damage came of it, but whatever you want to call it, it was something that shouldn't be endorsed by anyone. Since when is jumping other people alright? In or outside of the game?
Inside and outside of the game are very different, don't make those comparisons, it is pointless. This wasn't a Todd Bertuzzi type of attack from behind when he wasn't looking. It was just a guy getting beaten up when he didn't want to throw 'em. Yes, it was a dick move. And yes I'd probably be pissed if someone did that to a Flyers player. But that's not the way it went down. Holtby got creamed by Emery and I loved seeing it.

Maybe the Flyers should learn to play decent hockey instead of resorting to perpetuating their goon stigma and losing players to injury from idiotic brawls born of frustration over sucking.
I agree that I would prefer them to win games. No argument here. But if they are going to suck, goon it up. Who cares if whiny media and HFB posters complain about how mean and nasty the Flyers are. It's not a beauty contest, and if it was the Flyers would be coming in last place why not use the talent portion of the contest to kick some ass?

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