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11-03-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
1. This Team is not very talented. They have a few young talented high ceiling players that are still learning the game but are far from becoming reliable entities night in and night out.

2. Not only does is the team lacking talent, but there is not enough diversity in style of play among that talent. No 2 way players.

This was my first post. And really i think most will agree. The high potential guys are not at the point where they can be depended on night in and night out.

1. Right now our top 6 can only play at one end of the ice.
2. Their is a lack of diversity of talent in our top 6 and no physicality.
3. No net prescence.
4. No one can play without the puck.

Its the equivalent of having a basketball team with 5 pg's
Metafor is lost on this oiler fan, who hasn't watched a single basketball game in his life, unless forced. Lol.

I guess I see your point, but don't like how you word it. They have talent. We both agree. They just haven't been able to translate that consistently (or stay healthy ffs, in order to keep it up).

It's more the fan's and management's fault that we expected them to play on that top level consistently, though. Not their fault they got thrown in the fire, expected to cook and not burn.

And no one will disagree that we need more size...

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