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Originally Posted by The Moose View Post
As of now it looks like Eakins is a monumental mistake. I don't believe that the players regressed from last year. Perhaps he is not properly utilizing the assets he has and instead is pushing his system (whatever that is) on players that are not suited for it. The most telling example is the PP and PK. With the same (and better) player than last year, special teams are terrible. This is an issue of system/training rather than the players suddenly turning bad.

In hindsight, we should have stuck with Kruger for another season. He definitely did not get a fair shake, with just half a season.
Hindsight? Changing coaches after a 48 game season in which the team did better than it had in years was a joke from the start.

These being my initial reactions, of course I was shouted out of the thread with several suggestions I was being negative for the sake of it.;

Originally Posted by Replacement
What a joke of an org. The Coaching revolving door continues and with that player entitlement, always knowing coach will be made to walk the plank, and no player accountability ever.

Gotta love it.

MacT should know better. WTF?
Originally Posted by Replacement
What I'm talking about is the players will recognize that whatever incoming flunky ends up coming here will be the coach of the year candidate with feet in the fire at the end of season as the players coast through another year paying no attention whatsoever to team system play and what coaches are telling them.

The number 1 concern I have with this group of players is their accountability to coach, any coach. Because they know damn well who walks the plank here everytime.

This is a cluster****.

Fun to look back in past threads sometimes to see how much some opinions have changed.

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