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11-03-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ImIdaho View Post
No. If we have problems scoring goals come playoff time, we're winning diddly squat. We keep falling short not because we don't grind it out, not because we are inept at D, not because our goalie sucks, it's scoring.
Which is why I'm advocating for a kid who can score in addition to doing everything else.

I'm just pointing out how believing a young player has upside doesn't always hold water, come to fruition, and if we're playing hypotheticals, which of the two has more upside: Schenn or Yakupov?
So what? Sometimes players fail, and sometimes they exceed expectations. If you operate in fear of players not realizing their potential, you might as well pack it up and go home.

It's not a matter of having the most upside. It's a matter of filling the team needs properly. Schenn can do everything. Yakupov is extremely one dimensional and plays a position where we already have Nash and Callahan on the roster.

Only if you truly believe we don't have problems scoring, in which case you are too disillusioned.

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