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11-03-2013, 04:35 PM
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Only way to go is up

The official optimism thread. Thought there isn't a lot to be optimistic about, here are a few things.

-We haven't had any bounces, I know this is the usual looser's moto, However, it wouldn't take to much and we could be 5-8 instead of 3-10.
- young teams are streaky, by nature. So we are in a bad stretch now, but we probably have another really good one around the corner.
- If you realize nuge is coming of shoulder surgery, we lost gagner, I am not sure any would should have expected us to have a strong start.
- This will build character. This team needs to suffer to know how to win. It might be the best to struggle back this year, miss the playoffs, but next year we will take off.
- well it would have been nice to at least compete for the playoffs this year, we weren't going to do anything if we made it. This bad start gets us another good pick. I just hope it isn't top 5.
- We could be Buffalo.

Heres to hoping we look back at this as the low point in the year.

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